Team Manager Guide: Removing Team Members

This article is one of a three part series aimed at people that have Team Management responsibilities within the pharmacy.

It's important that the members of the pharmacy are up to date as most stores performance is monitored based on the number of courses completed by the team.

Problem: Learners that are not at the store appear in dashboards and reports, skewing performance information

The learner has moved to another store within the Organisation.

Use the Transfer drop-down option on the TEAM MEMBERS page to move the learner to their new store.


The learner is on long term absence (e.g. maternity leave) 

Choose the Suspend drop-down option on the TEAM MEMBERS page then click the Yes button.

N.B. To reinstate a learner please use the Reinstate option in this menu.


The learner has left the organisation 

Choose the Delete drop-down option on the TEAM MEMBERS page then click the DELETE PERMANENTLY button.

N.B. The learner will be removed the TEAM MEMBERS and DASHBOARD pages and team REPORTS.


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